10¹² TERRA - LiD-S Vision Glasses

10¹² TERRA


Small and compact glass vase with a metal lid. The lid is made by one piece of brass and its shape is elaborately hammered using a traditional or rather primitive metal process technology that creates a beautiful reflection of light. Terra combines this lid with a heat resistant glass called "vision glass" made by an Indian labware maker. 

As 10¹² TERRA products are individually handmade, there can be small variations in their color and shape. Due to the nature of the product, it may be damaged if handled roughly or washed, so please handle it carefully. Putting heavy objects in the product or putting an excessive load on it may cause damage.

Material: Brass, glass


Small 5.6 x 7.2 cm

Medium 6.4 x 7.2 cm

Large 7.4 x 8.2 cm