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Nur Tray

Nur Tray is the one product that makes all the difference. It's without a doubt our bestseller and it's not hard to see why. It's the perfect combination of practical multifunctionality and sleek design. It comes in different sizes, colours and shapes, making it suitable for all decor needs. 

Nur Tray

It's the ideal blank canvas to play with as it can be easily styled for all purposes. Nur Trays can be used for decoration, to organise office supplies at your desk, in the bathroom for jewellery and perfumes, as serving trays or as a storage of oils and spices in the kitchen - the options truly are endless. 

Nur Tray

Choose the classic black and white for minimal monochrome look. Or if you're looking to add a bit of colour go for the blue and pink options. We've even got a brass tray for all the metallics lovers. 

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