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We all have small knick-knacks or those extra items lying around. While they in no doubt add a unique personality to any space sometimes the urge to organise and find a right spot for these just makes sense. Luckily we happen to have some great storage pieces available which whilst being practical are also statement pieces on their own. 

Louise Roe Metal Frame Basket

Louise Roe Metal Frame Baskets are ideal to keep books, kitchen accessories or even clothes & shoes in. The cool graphic lines allow you to easily spot what's in them. Frame Baskets are available in three sizes. 

Trimm Copenhagen Wood Basket

Trimm Copenhagen Wood Basket is a decorative and practical storage basket with rope handles. A good choice for fire wood,laundry, extra blankets and bedding. Wood basket is made of strong moisture withstanding sail cloth, which makes it equally suitable for outdoor storage needs. 

Nur Magazine Tray

Nur Magazine Tray - although the name suggests its for magazines & papers the Tray actually offers endless possibilities. Keep your living room, bathroom and bedroom table tops and shelves organised with this metal stunner. 

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