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KIMU Design Light

KIMU is a design brand from Taiwan which sets to merge the past & the present. Started in 2008 by trio Hsiaochun Shih, Tingwei Yeh and Yihsien Lin KIMU introduces design into our environment by the most simple and natural ways. They believe that design exists in close proximity with humanity and that their products will positively transform the world.

Whilst embracing the tradition, they've also brought the contemporary value into their design concept - combining simple objects with a new life style. 

In our selection we're happy to have the Pinocchio Vase & The New Old Light.

KIMU Design Pinocchio Vase

Presented in a pure natural form is the arrangement of a wooden vessel and a simple wooden sphere. “Occhio”, meaning “eye” in Italian, reflects a whimsical curiosity; able to revolve and rotate freely, allowing for postural changes to accommodate a diverse range of plants. In shifting its form and transforming into different characters, Pinocchio can either become a gardener tending to a prosperous bouquet, or a solo dancer presenting a single bud.

KIMU The New Old Light

The simple shape of lampshade comes from traditional Chinese paper lantern; it mixes complex industrial style and soft shapes, eastern and western styles, old and modern aesthetics. In our life, we all need different lamps to meet our decoration styles. The New Old Light is able to be adjusted for different lighting effect by simply pulling down the lantern part to switch the lighting effect from directly spot-light to soft-light effect. Meanwhile, due to the flexibility of lantern structure, one can change the length of the lampshade according to demand. The New Old Light aims to combine culture difference into culture balance perfectly and to create more possibility.

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