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Home Decor Tray

Trays are one of those brilliant home decor pieces that offer endless possibilities. Not only are they practical but they're also good at subtly adding a bit of colour or print to any environment. We have a great selection of trays in our product offering and to help you along the way here are some examples on how to use them.

Nur Serving Tray

For serving - the main function of a tray nowadays seems to be gotten a bit lost but these pieces are still irreplaceable for serving drinks or breakfast in bed. We've just added beautiful serving tray by Nur to our selection.  

Tray home accessories

Great at keeping spaces organised. Weather its storing jewellery and small pieces on your nightstand, cosmetics in the bathroom, magazines on your coffee table or spices in kitchen - there really isn't a room where a tray wouldn't be helpful. 

Darling Clementine Tray

As a decorative piece - sometimes a tray is just so stunning that it holds on its own and using it to store things just feels wrong. As mentioned above it's the easiest way to introduce a certain colour, texture or print to your room.  

Don't forget to check out our selection of trays!  


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