Scandinavian Decor 101

Scandinavian home decor

We can't get enough of all those beautiful Scandinavian homes we spot on numerous blogs and home decor sites. Its impossible not to be drawn to interiors that showcase minimal shapes, organic textures and soft palettes. Here are few tips & tricks on how to bring a bit of Scandi cool to your spaces as well.  

Scandinavian Interior Design

Bright & white - Scandinavians are not afraid to keep things simple, using only one tone, which in most cases tends to be white. This colour keeps interiors bright and spacious. Strong graphic lines and often the presence of art help to keep things interesting. Nur Pipeline candle holder & vase is a perfect example of this. 

Scandinavian Interior

Warm textures - as mentioned above interiors tend to be minimal in the Nordics. Things are kept playful and fun by mixing different textures, think shaggy rugs, knitted cushions, sheepskins, and snug (Klippan) throws. 

Scandinavian Interior

Natural materials - wool, wood, leather and even marble are usually the preferred materials - all these add just the right amount of cosiness and luxuriousness. 

Scandinavian Bedroom

Taking the love of all things natural one step further, having real plants and fresh flowers is almost mandatory in Scandinavia. We've got some beautiful Louise Roe glassware that can be used both as vases & flower pots. 

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