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Nur Design

Nur is a brand that's been an instant hit with our customers and it's very easy to see why. The products are extremely sleek, multifunctional and very easy to make one's own. 

The brand was started by Danish designer Maja Bøgh Vindbjerg in 2013. In German, the word Nur means "only" or "just" which is the essential expression of the designs.

Maja Bøgh Vindbjerg

Maja takes inspiration from the Nordic traditions. This, along with her understanding of production methods and a knowledge of the challenges and opportunities various materials afford, results in minimal and simple solutions in form and in high level of detail.

Nur Pipeline candle holder/vase and the trays we have in our selection have been best-sellers since day one. 

Nur Pipeline Candle Holder Vase

Nur Pipeline is a timeless and elegant design of simple yet powerful graphic lines. The multipurpose function of both candle holder and vase is only two of many purposes. Pipeline emphasizes the idea of minimalism and powerful architectural design in your home - with your own personal finish.

Nur Tray

The Nur tray is a great example of how minimalistic and timeless design can be used for miscellaneous purposes. Bringing your own and personal content in focus the tray can be used with an diversity where your home decor imagination is set to be unlimited.

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