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With winter in full swing it's ideal to introduce our newest and cosiest additions - super soft wool throws by Klippan

Klippan is a family run home textiles business which started in Sweden in 1879. It is known for its high quality in design and usage of pure fibres. Klippan offers unique products such as blankets, throws, cushions, table linen and home decoration and a separate children's collection. According to brands philosophy, only natural fibres for the products are used such as wool, linen and cotton. High quality fibre is essential for the final result.

Klippan Lambs Wool Throws

To be able to manage the production and fully control the quality Klippan produces all the blankets and throws from start to finish in their own factory. All Klippan's lamb's wool comes from New Zealand and the wool can be traced all the way back to the individual sheep farmer. This means that Klippan can ensure high quality and at the same time be environmental friendly. For the last few years Klippan has also been able to offer throws and blankets made of wool from farmers running sheep breeding using ecological principals (eco wool).

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Klippan Sweden Throws

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