How to style a coffee table?!

Coffee Table Styling Tips

Take advantage of that blank canvas sitting right in the middle of your living room and make it as pretty and personal as it possibly can be. From using a tray to arranging objects here are some of our tips & tricks. 

Nur Tray & Pipeline Candle Holder

Layer with a tray! It's a perfect bit of foundation for styling and organising. Nur Trays give you endless options in sizes and colours to make sure the table is well organised and your favourite items beautifully displayed. 

Flowers Coffee Table

A pop of colour! Easiest achieved by using flowers or books & magazines to add that little bit of brightness. These details are super easily changeable, so you won't get tired of any colour. Louise Roe vases will give you that neutral background to let the flowers do the talking. 

Nur Pipeline Candle Holder & Vase

Minimal! Simple sometimes just works best. When choosing few accessories to be the focal point of the coffee table stick to graphic lines in monochrome tones - we recommend the Pipeline and Pythagoras Candle Holders that work equally well just as sculptural objects as candlesticks. 

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