All hail multifunctionality!

Don't we all love a product that is as beautiful as it is functional? We at Addition like to take that notion a step forward by offering items that are multifunctional. These products provide versatility without giving up in any way on appearance, making sure you get the best usage out of the item wherever you decide to utilise them in your space. Modern essentials indeed!

Servitören Centerpiece can be used in the kitchen to store fresh herbs and spices, candle and oils; in the bedroom for displaying jewellery, a floral sprig and a candle; and in the living room with a planter and a tray for toothpicks. Servitören also works well at the office; for storing pens, paper clips and photos of the kids.


The New Old Light by KIMU is able to be adjusted for different lighting effect by simply pulling down the lantern part to switch the lighting effect from directly spot-light to soft-light effect. Meanwhile, due to the flexibility of lantern structure, you can change the length of the lampshade according to your demand. 

The multipurpose function of both candle holder and vase is only two of many practical roles Pipeline offers. Its simple graphic lines let the product stand out both for its functionality and look. 

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