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Patterned Wallpaper

We at Addition root for minimalism but every now and again we see products with a bit of colour and pattern and feel an instant need to add a splash of that magic to our living and work spaces as well.
Whether it's a pillow, a throw or a carpet no one can argue how a clever print can really make the room and pull the space effortlessly together. We have some amazing products that offer just that, both for more subtle tastes and for over the top print lovers
Hand Printed Cushion Cover
"Kawaii" collection by Safomasi is inspired by sketches and memories from travels in Japan and the two fascinating sides to the country. On one hand, traditional, calm and reserved, yet at the same time colourful, eccentric and crazy. Pillows and quilts from this series will really give a fun visual edge to any room. The colour combinations work really well for most interiors. 
Handmade Graphic Carpet
The Madebymemm Kippari and Seilori carpets which are handmade in SaaremaaEstonia are influenced by the traditional patterns of the small island. Stripes and folk motifs are the keywords here. 
Morse plaid by Swedish brand Tingest is another firm favourite of the team. Based by as the name suggests on morse code, this monochrome product offers a strong graphic identity. 
Merino Lamb Wool Throw
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