Arkiplant Air Plants

We're getting on the air plant craze! Ever since we came across Arkiplant and all their beautiful products its safe to say we have been nothing short of obsessed.  Air plants are easy to care & grow which makes them an ideal alternative to the usual houseplants. 

Air Plants

Air plant is a more widely used name for Tillandsia - a plant that comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. They are unique in the fact that they grow without soil, deriving moisture and nutrients from the air. These types of plants are native to warm and temperate regions throughout Mexico, Central and South America and some southeastern areas of the United States. They can be found in rainforests and inland desert areas. 

Arkiplant Air Plants

All air plants bloom. Depending on the type of an air plant, flowers may last from few days up to a year. Air plants generally bloom only once. After flowering they start to produce seeds or baby plants (pups).

If you take good care of your air plant (good light and water conditions), you will have a very long period of enjoyment. There are plants that live more than 20 years of age. Some of the plants start to fade away after flowering, but they typically produce a few to several offspring and the next generation lives on.

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