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 Trimm Copenhagen

Trimm Copenhagen offers lifestyle products such as furniture, awnings and interior for people who make particularly high demands on quality, comfort, mobility, weight and modern design. The brand was founded by sailmaker Tim Nielsen and designer Rikke Gjørlund in 2010. The brand seeks to offer multi-functional, lightweight products that are easy to move around. Trimm's mantra is "less is more" which with its simple and sculptural expression is without unnecessary details, yet clearly meets several needs.

All the products from Trimm can withstand being outdoors 365 days a year. This is possible because of quality material Sunbrella Plus®, which is water-repellent and resistant to algae and UV. Everything by the brand is produced in Europe, to ensure top-quality, short production time and the proximity to their workroom.

Trimm Copenhagen Soft Pots

In our selection from the brand we have Soft Pots, which can be used for plants both indoors and outdoors. They work equally well as storage baskets for all the small items lying around. 

Trimm Copenhagen Wood Basket

Another special piece is the Wood Basket - a decorative and practical storage basket with rope handles. A good choice for laundry, wood or a weekend trip. Wood basket is made of strong darcron sail cloth, which is woven and can withstand moisture.

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