The Cloth

The Organic Company Cloth

The Cloth by The Organic Company is for the creative and the innovative, for the sensible and responsible. 

Inspired by the Japanese furoshiki (a traditional wrapping cloth), The Cloth can be used in endless ways. Wrap and tie it to carry things and to make beautiful gifts – or simply use it as it is for a table cloth or a distinct kitchen towel. Or why not even wear it as a scarf. 

The Organic Company Cloth

As with all the other products by the Danish company the cloth is made from organic cotton. Free from pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals. That means that even the most sensitive things can be wrapped in it: your baby, swim and sports gear, food for your picnic trip – all wrapped with a good conscience. 

Below you can find instructions on how to turn The Cloth into a bag & how to use it as a gift wrap

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The Organic Company Towel

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