The freshest of them all

Chikuno Cube Air Freshener

The Chikuno Cube is a very special product where form and function meet. One wouldn't normally associate air fresheners with home decor but in this case you truly get the best of both worlds. 

Chikuno Cube Air Purifier

It's a natural air purifier made from an ultra-fine powder of activated bamboo charcoal and clay minerals. Its micro-honeycomb structure filters air particles, while its charcoal make up naturally absorbs moisture, odors, and pollutants. This eco-friendly cube works best in enclosed spaces like small bathrooms, cars or refrigerators. Drying the cube in strong sunlight once a month will ``recharge`` it for it to be used up to a year. 

Chikuno Cube House

In our selection we also have Chikuno Cube House - a wooden geometrical base to hold and stylishly display your Chikuno Cube.

Set your cube in any small space and feel the air become naturally pure and wholesome!

Air Freshner Air Purifier Chikuno Cube Chikuno Cube House Japanese Design Japanese Good Design Award

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